Monday, September 7, 2009

Tesla/Saliva concert and photos

Today we went to a concert benefiting kids with muscular dystrophy after the ABATE motorcycle ride. There was a local band called Os-lo, which we missed almost all of but a few seconds. After they started the show, Saliva came on. They rocked out, however the energy was pretty low on stage I felt. I still enjoyed their set a great deal nonetheless. The main show was Tesla. Wow. Those guys still carry a great deal of energy in their shows and got the crowd nice and riled up. After Signs, my throat started to get a little scratchy. (yes, I'm aware it's not their song - I don't care) I had an absolutely awesome time. I haven't had the greatest luck in the past with concerts and tend to go into them with a glass half empty attitude. Tesla proved you can bring down the house without all the fancy equipment and lights. If the band is into it, the crowd will be into it. My favorite of the songs they did tonight would have to be Love. Even if you weren't a fan of Tesla or that particular song, the energy was just overwhelming.

I took both kids to the event as it was all ages. This was my mom's second Tesla concert. I was always jealous that she'd gotten to go when I was a kid. Jasmine loved it. It was an outdoor concert therefore she was able to run in the grass like a crazy child and scream at the top of her lungs and no one would give a crap. (or hear her for that matter) We were in an area of the grass that didn't have a ton of people so she had plenty of room to roam. Evan... went to sleep. I had Shawn run and buy him earplugs. I was going to bring some but couldn't find them at the house. We gave a pair to another couple with a baby as well. They seemed to be struggling to find a way to keep the noise level down for their little girl. Both my mom and I bought a t-shirt (two for her) and had Frank Hannon, the lead guitarist from Tesla sign them. He is a very nice guy (I can't say that enough, seriously) and seems as down to earth as a rocker can get. At one point he was out watching Saliva along with everyone else. We were the only ones who recognized him or were paying enough attention to see that he was out there. My mom took his picture and shook his hand. It was nice that he didn't seem annoyed by it. (unlike a certain Saliva member who shall go unnamed) And I may have a small crush on him. :) He's hotter in person than any photos out there.

Saliva onstage.

The rhythm guitarist for Saliva, Jonathan Montoya. He looked super high, although it could've been a result of splashing beer over his head repeatedly making his eyes red. I watched an interview with him and he has a surprisingly quiet voice with a slight southern drawl. He's cute when he's not looking psychotic.

Jasmine on daddy's shoulders watching the Saliva set. She's super interested, can't you tell?

Frank Hannon... Swooooon

My mom, Jasmine and myself right after the Saliva set.

Frank on what I believe is a Gibson.

Jasmine and Shawn playing during Tesla. Had to keep her busy somehow.

Jeff Keith, lead singer of Tesla and Frank, again. We were digging the top hat. Must have been annoying him as it didn't stay on longer than two songs.

Daddy and Jazz taking a break from running around.

Jeff Keith again. The guy didn't stop moving the entire show. I swear he possesses more energy than both my kids. He brought a lot of energy to the crowd. And rocked every song from beginning to end.

Evan with his neon pink ear plugs. :)

Jasmine trying to give the peace sign. I keep trying to teach her the horns but for whatever reason, she absolutely, positively refuses to do it.

I know, gasp, another Frank photo. This one is all about the guitar though baby. I loved this doubleneck. I personally don't have long enough arms or fingers to play it but I loved it.
I already plan on going to next year's ABATE concert as long as the bands are someone I know a little. It was a good time for a great cause.


Beth said...

Glad you had such a great time! And glad it was such a good show. Maybe next year it will be a band I like and we can all go! (Yes, that is a Gibson Flying V, not that I'm any kind of a guitar expert.) XO Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looks like a good time was had. We could hear the music in the background if no one was talking here :o)

Lisa said...

Holy crap you saw love love them!!! Wow, I'm jealous. I like their version of signs. I like Evan's ear plugs and Jasmines peace sign, LOL about the horns. I like Saliva too but I can easily see they may have some "issues"..they may be a better band on cd than live. Glad you had a good time ~ I would have loved that show!