Friday, September 25, 2009

Odds, ends and the like

Here I thought I was falling into a depression again. Nope. I was pmsing. Why didn't I realize that? Because I haven't had a period since July. Now suddenly they're back. I don't know if that's normal but since I need an appointment with my OB soon anyway, I might as well ask if the IUD needs to be checked. I know it's still in there because I can feel it when the screamer jumps on my stomach.

I also need to see about my psoriasis. I've had a spot of it since the end of my pregnancy with Jasmine, on my ankle. It's noticeable enough that I've had people ask me about it but it isn't spreading, nor has it bothered me so I've just kind of stopped with any creams. That is until recently. It's spread to my chest and I'd like to, you know, not have it do that. I'm going to try and get my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist since when I showed him the spot on my ankle he was kind of 'I guess that's what it could be.' I don't care for that answer anymore. I want someone to say, here is the expensive cream that will erase it.

Allergies have been out of control. Jasmine wakes up every day sniffling and sneezing. She then spends the day that way. I have been on and off throughout the days. I'll sneeze nonstop for ten minutes and then be good for a few hours. Allergy medicine is kicking my ass though. I take it, fall asleep, wake up, take some more, fall asleep. I usually have a prescription for some stuff but I didn't think I needed it anymore since I've been good up until recently. Dummy.

Shawn spent the last couple of days in bed with a 103 fever. I've been without my helper. :( Of course, the kids choose the worst days to act like monsters from hell. My day was spent stop doing that, stop doing that, stopdoingthat, stopdoingthat, STOP DOING THAT!!!!!

Evan has two bottom teeth and keeps biting himself, which ends with him sobbing. It happens a good ten thousand times a day. Give him a cookie and you're guaranteed to see him bite down on at least one finger. Sometimes he doesn't even have food in his mouth. He just bites down and hurts his gums on the top half of his mouth. I've muttered under my breath 'baby's are stupid' a good dozen times in the past two days. If you gnaw on your hand and it hurts, stop doing it. I'm just sayin'.

And the vet massively screwed up the neuter on one of my fosters. I've seen this procedure done dozens of times. I honestly think I could DO this myself. And yet the new vet managed to cut the wrong wire. I'm glad she's not on the bomb squad. Kitty was in the hospital for I think five days and nights and seems to have come quite close to dying. (I don't know as I wasn't the one to speak to the vet, the other foster handled it) He is out now but will not be coming back with us as he has several adopters interested in him. We will be getting several of them back for a time.


Beth said...

Stupid vet. How could he cut the wrong thing? I'm glad the kitty survived the butcher.

Sorry to hear it's been a rough week for you all. Maybe with cooler weather everyone's allergies will start to ease up. Hope Shawn is feeling better. Hang in there, family!

Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Like I told Shawn on FB last week, I think we are in need of another night out, maybe an adult one?