Thursday, September 17, 2009


Six kitties are getting neutered and one is getting spayed tomorrow. I'm sure they'll enjoy that. It's weird not having them around tonight. No one to chew on my toes or try to jump me from around the corner. I'm looking forward to making my kitten cage super awesome, fantastic. :)

In November, one of the Cirque shows (a brand new one!) is coming to Chicago. It'll be there till middle of January. My husband has gotten to do a ton of boy stuff these last few weeks, which will be continuing on through next year since he has Bulls tickets. When he bought Cubs tickets a few weeks ago I told him if there were any shows I wanted to see, I was going and he was taking me. Barring any major expenses coming up between now and the end of October (when we'll have the money to go) I should be going to see my first Cirque show! I want to take Jasmine as well because I think she'll love it as she likes to watch the shows on tv. I need to find someone to watch Evan for the day. Hoping my mommy dearest will step up to that one because my other "usual" sitter and I aren't on the happiest of terms and I think it's going to get worse in the coming months before it gets better. They are saying this is going to be different from any Cirque show that has been done before. Different than any show from any theatre group ever. They're being purposely vague about details. You can see little snippets and you know there are tap dancers, hip hop dancers, clowns and a story line but there's no defining line as to what exactly the show entails. It is called Banana Shpeel: A new twist on Vaudeville. It's supposed to be a mix of a lot of the old styles of dance and theatre mixed in with modern. It's so new and never been done before that they are making up dance steps as they go. I believe it will be different from most other Cirque shows in the respect that there's not going to be a lot of the acrobatics that you associate with Cirque. Which is the only reason I would be hesitant to take Jasmine as I know the acrobatics are something that would keep her focus and attention for most, if not all of the show. I would like to make a day of it. We don't go up to Chicago often. (I would like to go more) There are so many places and shops that I haven't seen and foods to try. I'd like to eat before the show, have a nice fat, full tummy and sit down to watch. Anyone have any good restaurant suggestions?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We have been to three Cirque shows and they have all been awesome. We will keep this on our radar screen.

Beth said...

No matter what shape the Cirque show takes, I'm willing to bet it will be awesome. The first one we went to, in Chicago, I sat there with my mouth open for much of the show. They are always entertaining!

As for the restaurant, wait and see where the show is and find something around there. I'm not that familiar with Chicago restaurants, but have always enjoyed trying different places there. Keep us posted! Hugs, Beth