Monday, November 16, 2009

The reason why we need security outside my house

So apparently, there have been threats made against Shawn's life. Basic rundown, on Friday a guy he works with said that he was going to come in on Monday and shoot people. He told two different people this. My husband is the union steward for that area and they came to him with their concerns. Shawn was on the phone, literally, till about 11pm Friday night, trying to get someone to take him seriously. Finally, it was decided that he would be fired and his badge would be de-activated, therefore making it impossible for him to get into the building. (at least that's the idea) There was still some concern the guy could be in the parking lot however so they are having the people who's life has been threatened, park in back and are being clocked in by management. Now we come to today. The guy heard that Shawn was the main person behind making sure no one died and made a comment about coming after him. (the guy is mentally unstable at best and they believe he's doing meth) The company my husband works for decided that it would be safer for us if we had a security team outside of our house during the hours that my husband is at work. Starting tonight, I will have a guy armed in my driveway. One of the boys is also going to be staying the night tonight. We have a gun now as of last week. It's not supposed to be here but due to circumstances, it is. I have never fired something with that much power so I'm a little nervous if something were to happen but at this point, I really don't think it will. I think the guy has far more important people he wants to kill over Shawn. Starting with his ex-wife. (who is aware of the situation) So there you have it. Tonight I'll be watching a large amount of xbox and acting like there's nothing going on. I should be more concerned, I'm sure but I just don't see anything happening. I woke up to my husband telling me I would be staying at my mom's. I don't like being told what I'm going to do or what I'm not going to do. I usually do the opposite. I am staying in my home.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sometimes, listenting to others is not at all bad. Being somewhere else when there is a threat is a good idea. Glad you have security.

Beth said...

How scary! I hope they can get a handle on the guy, and calm him down. Glad you've got some protection.

Enjoyed your always make me laugh, too! :) Hugs, Beth

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