Friday, November 6, 2009

Gearing up for weekendness

So very glad the weekend is about to begin. Friday night is dinner with the boys and maybe some cards. Saturday, back with the boys again early in the day for ND football. I have a feeling Sunday is going to be a do nothing and feel like death day since the game is at 2:30 on Saturday and we start drinking at kickoff. Maybe afterwards we'll watch a movie, get dinner and another round of cards. My euchre partner probably would like to switch but I think he's stuck with me. It's only fair to have a shitty player on each team and well, he's stuck with this one. :) Random fact, euchre was actually a card game seems to be believed by some to have been originated by the amish. It has also been declining in popularity over the years except in Michigan, Indiana and New York. Why? Because we rock. I had no idea it was so unpopular in other areas of the US until our friend from Chicago said he hadn't a clue how to play it and begged to play poker or spades. He lost and is now forced to play euchre with us. He was up against three Hoosiers, did he really think he stood a chance in hell? I've been playing the game since I was a kid and learned watching the adults play during the holidays. And yet, I still suck majorly and lose massive amounts of points for my team. *shrugs*

This past week has been fairly nothing filled. Shawn has had a lot of stuff to do after work so it's been me and the kids hanging out night after night. It's went smoother than I figured it would. Especially since Evan has been getting me up earlier and earlier every day. Typically, after a few hours, I am in serious need of a break from baby duty. This last week I've been fairly patient. And no, there hasn't been any booze involved to keep me that way. :) Next week, hubby has another Bull's game to go to in Chicago so that's a full day trying to find something to do. I anticipate much duct tape and darts. *shrugs* Sounds like a good idea.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

WooHoo, weekend time. We are going to tailgate before the game. Hope you don't suck to bad at the card thingy :o)

Beth said...

I've been a terrible commenter! :(

I love euchre! Yeah, it wasn't until I moved away that I realized that it's a pretty local game. I haven't played for some time, and would need to get a refresher course, but it would be fun to play sometime. If we can tear ourselves away from Rock Band, that is. :D

Love, Beth

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