Monday, September 29, 2008

Too Good of a Mood

I am so hungry. I don't like to eat right before I'm ready to go to sleep as it gives me awful heartburn (only while pregnant) but I had a few crackers an hour or so ago. What do I really want? All my favorite comfort foods. My grandma's macaroni and cheese, a big ham, chicken and dumplings, hot rolls, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and... turkey. I don't eat turkey under any circumstances but that doesn't mean I still don't crave it from time to time. I haven't eaten turkey in over five years and don't have any plans doing it anytime soon. When I worked at the last rescue, we had turkeys and I was in love with them. I just don't find it possible to eat one and after my Bubbah died, I promised to never eat turkey again. They're actually fairly intelligent birds for poultry and can be very protective of those they love. So that craving will have to work itself out. And I doubt I'll get most of the others until Thanksgiving. Making a ham for three would be wasteful and no matter how many times grandma tells me how to make her mac and cheese, I just can't remember it. The only way I'll get chicken and dumplings is to drive six hours south and bribe my aunt into making them for me but considering her feelings towards me, I don't know that there'd be enough money. The deviled eggs are my moms and I'm sure with a good hug, she might consider it. ;) Mashed potatoes, I can do myself and quite well I might add. But none of those things are going to show up on the my kitchen table ready for me to eat right now. All I can do is torture myself and imagine them. I partially blame Beth/ for ruining all my dinners till Thanksgiving due to her mouth watering story of her family get together to make apple butter. Yes YOU, Beth. ;) See if I read your blog next time you talk about food. Ok, I'm lying, I'll read, I'll drool and then I'll read it again. ;))) Maybe I'll get a few of those before the week is up. Moooooommmy..... ;)
My day started off nicely. I had Shawn go down to get the mail from the day before and there was a package for me from
Lisa/. After a hysterical fight between my husband and said boxed package, we finally got into the box. She had sent me some baby clothes that were so adorable. And exactly what we needed. I no longer have to worry about anything in 0-3 months because we now have the essentials. One of the outfits she sent is actually going to be the outfit we take the baby home in. Plus there was a handwritten note along with it. I love getting handwritten notes in the mail. Even if it just says what's supposed to be with a package, I still love the notes.
I made the entire rest of those sugar cookies tonight. The total from tonight was somewhere over thirty cookies. Afterwards, I went and took a shower because I promised my husband I would take it easy and take a break afterwards. However, my hair wasn't even dry before I was getting together the ingredients to make the icing. I just wanted to have it all together for when I was ready to make it. After hair was dried, kid was parked in front of the tv, I started on the icing. This too was a recipe I'd never used before... and will never use again. It was way to sweet for my tastes and ridiculously hard to make. Think, 2 teaspoons of milk, add 1 cup of confectioner's sugar and mix until well blended. I'm giving two teaspoons to blend a cup of powder??? I gradually added a 1/2 teaspoon of milk for the times when there was no way anyone short of the Hulk could've blended it. Afterwards you also add corn syrup and some vanilla. Too hard to make and too sweet. Nice things about it, it was fairly easy to paint onto the cookies and set up really glossy and kept it's color. My bats stayed black, my pumpkins stayed orange and my ghosts stayed white. Sometimes with other icings, the color will be a little dull once it dries. I think I'll still go back to my other icing recipe which tastes much better (and is about the same difficulty to make, for different reasons) and sets up almost as nicely. I sent most of the cookies off with Shawnto work. I kept some here for us and of course, Jasmine got to keep the ones that she painted. And I was shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you. She kept all her icing confined to her plate and cookies. I couldn't have been happier because the dye I used in the icing was some heavy duty stuff. It gets on things and never comes off. I probably should've sent a warning along with my husband's cookies about what their going to experience in the coming days. Especially anyone who gets an orange pumpkin. Hate to hear what runs through their head after that bathroom visit. Oh yeah, it dyes THAT too. ;)

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